Lebendige Schildkröten und Fische werden in China als Schlüsselanhänger  verkauft. In 7 cm lange Plastiktüten mit Wasser etwas Luft verschweißt, werden Fische  und kleine amerikanische Schmuckschild
kröten als Glücksbringer verkauft.Binnen Tagen sterben sie schon aufgrund von Sauerstoffmangel. Binnen von 5 Minuten  wurden neun Schildkröten-„Anhänger“ an einer U-Bahn-Station in Beijing, China,
verkauft.Schildkröten gelten als Glücksbringer, aber sie derart sadistisch zu  Tode zu bringen, ist abartig. Bitte unterzeichnen Sie eine Petition von change.org auf


Euer Wasserschildkröten-Team

Why This Is Important
Living sea creatures are being captured and sold as keyrings! This  is disgusting and should not be allowed!! Live fish and small turtles sealed in plastic keychains have become increasingly popular items 
sold at subway entrances and train stations across China.
The living keychains containing  Brazilian turtles or  king fish swimming in colored water are considered good-luck charms by many  Chinese, but animal protection groups are outraged and call them a perfect 
example of “pure animal abuse”. Business is booming according to Chinese online  newspaper Global Times, which reports one fish and nine turtle rings have been sold in just five  minutes, on Tuesday, at the 
Sihui subway station, in Beijing. According to vendors, the colored water in the 7-centimeter-long  keychains contains nutrients that allow fish and turtles to live inside for  months. While that may be true,
Mary Peng, cofounder of the International  Center for Veterinary Services, says they couldn’t survive in the sealed bag  for very long, due to lack of oxygen.
While animal rights activists are protesting loudly against the sale  of living keychains, there isn’t much else they can do, because China only has  a Wild Animal Protection Law – if the animals are not wild 
animals they fall  outside the law’s scope. Until the law changes to protect all kinds of animals,  activists can only appeal to people not to buy them, and hope the market will  die due to lack of customers.
Although some people buy these bizarre keychains to carry around for  good-luck, there are those who buy them just to free the poor creatures from  their tiny plastic cage.

(Quelle: facebook, 15.2.12)